• krb5-auth-dialog - GNOME tray applet for (re)authenticating kerberos tickets
  • sapgui-package - Automatically build a SAP GUI Debian package
  • git-buildpackage - Suite to help with Debian packages in Git repositories
  • libvirt-munin-plugins - Monitor virtual machines using munin and libvirt
  • cl2vcs - Map Debian changelog entries to VCS commit IDs
  • pam-naming - Pam module to match usernames against regular expressions.
  • pam-exec - Call arbitrary programs from within the PAM stack
  • arcboot - Bootloader for MIPS based SGI IP22 and IP32 machines
  • Newport xorg driver - Xorg driver for SGI Newport cards found in SGI Indy and Indigo2
  • Debian Installer Multipath Support - Let d-i work on multipath SAN devices.
  • odfrecode - Recode characters using non Unicode code points to Unicode in ODF documents
  • whatmaps - Search for running processes that map libraries from a package
  • ppm - GNOME prepaid manager applet to check and top-up the balance of your prepaid GSM/3G SIM card
  • network-manager-iodine - network-manager DNS tunnel VPN plugin using iodine
  • munin-pelletronic - Munin plugins to monitor ├ľkofen's Pelletmatic using a Pelletronic
  • libplanfahr - GObject based library to query public transport information
  • nss-dontstalkme - Glibc NSS module to block well known web trackers
  • phosh - A Wayland shell for GNOME on mobile devices
  • phoc - Phosh's wlroots based wayland compositor (but can be used without phosh too)
  • feedbackd - A daemon to provide haptic, led and audio feedback triggered by application events

See here for projects that haven't moved to piki yet. There are also some random patches.

In case you find any of these projects useful and you want to support work on them see here.