A set of munin plugins to monitor a Ökofen Pellematic Pellet burner using the Ökofen's Pelletronic Touch. It can monitor various temperatures, pumps and switches.

The plugins simply query the Pelletronic's web interface so this has to be enabled and working.

Disclaimer: The plugin was written by looking at the web frontend's HTTP requests so there might be errors. Use at your own risk. Always refer to Oekofen's official web frontend to be sure.

Neither these plugins nor me are in any way related to Oekofen so don't bother Oekofen's support about them, use the mailing list below instead.


It can graph and monitor:

  • Temperatures of buffer and heat circuit
  • Negative draft in burning chamber
  • Various Pumps and switches
  • Runtime
Graph of pellematic switches


See the README document in the sources.

Source Code

The source code is available via:

git clone https://git.sigxcpu.org/cgit/munin-pelletronic

and can be browsed here.

Tested Versions

THe plugins were tested against these releases of Oekofen's Pelletronic firmware:

  • Touch V2.03 20140723

Mailing List

munin-pelletronic has it's own mailing list for general discussion and patches.


munin-pelletronic was written by Guido Günther.


munin-pelletronic is free software and licensed under the GPL Version 3.