sapgui-package allows you to build a Debian package for the SAP GUI for Java from the available .JAR for Linux. It seems the JARs aren't publically available anymore. You need to fetch them from SAPs Marketplace.


  • Build the package:

      make-sgpkg PlatinGUI-Linux-720rev1.jar
  • Install the resulting deb:

      dpkg -i sapgui_7.20rev1_i386.deb

Source Code

The source code is available via:

git clone

and can be browsed here.

Debian Package

Debian packages are available from

Tested Versions

The following table lists the tested Distributions, Architectures and the JRE to build the package.

SAP Java GUI Architecture JRE Distribution Version
PlatinGui-Linux-720rev3.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Squeeze 0.10
PlatinGui-Linux-720rev1.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Lenny 0.9
PlatinGui-Linux-720.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Sid
PlatinGui-Linux-720.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Lenny
PlatinGui-Linux-720.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Ubuntu Karmic
PlatinGui-Linux-720.jar amd64 Ubuntu Karmic
PlatinGui-Linux-710r10.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Ubuntu Karmic
PlatinGui-Linux-710r9.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Lenny
PlatinGui-Linux-710r8.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Lenny
PlatinGUI-Linux-710r7.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Lenny
PlatinGUI-Linux-710r7.jar amd64
PlatinGUI-Linux-710r6.jar i386 openjdk-6-re Debian Lenny


Thanks to Bart Vermeire and F. Bieber for feedback on the amd64 and Ubuntu builds.