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Libvirt KVM device hotplug
17th October 2008

My top three remaining "annoyances" in libvirt when it comes to KVM are:

  1. missing hotplug for disks
  2. daemon restart kills VMs
  3. missing migration support

Since KVM now supports PCI hotadd since a couple of releases I fixed up 1 today. I already sent a partial patch for 2 some time ago which I need to finish and clean up. Hopefully 3 is resolved upstream until then.

Once this is done libvirt plus kvm will be a great tandem for virtualization. On the desktop virt-manager does a great job while for H/A purposes it integrates with Redhat's cluster suite - you can use the resource script for this after removing the xen specific code and replacing it with calls to ''virsh''.

Tags: libvirt.

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