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Creating views in Jenkins using jenkins-job-builder-addons
14th December 2015

I'm often using jenkins-job-builder to automatically create jenkins jobs since writing them in YAML is more comfortable then doing large amounts of jobs in the GUI, it serves consistency and helps automation.

For views and build pipelines I so far resorted to other tools (like templates in the config management tool at use) but now there's jenkins-job-builder-addons by jimbydamonk. Creating a delivery pipeline view and the "All" view then gets as simple as:

- job:
    name: MyApp
    project-type: folder
      - delivery_pipeline:
          filter-executors: false
          filter-queue: false
          folder: true
            - name: Deploy
              first-job: app-deploy-test
          name: myapp-deploy-pipeline
          build-view-title: "MyApp Deploy Pipeline"
          number-of-pipelines: 3
          show-aggregated-pipeline: true
          number-of-columns: 1
          sorting: none
          show-avatars: false
          update-interval: 1
          allow-manual-triggers: true
          show-total-buildtime: true
          allow-rebuild: true
          allow-pipeline-start: true
      - all:
         folder: true
         name: All

This also uses the folder plugin to make sure the views end up in separate files. It currently needs a slightly patched jenkins-job-builder with this patch applied.

Putting this here since I hit jenkins-job-builder-addons mostly by accident. Once jenkins-job-builder catched up I'll look into packaging this for Debian.

Tags: continuous-delivery, jenkins, planetdebian.

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